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A Dry January in Baltimore

Jan 17, 2023

Just because you're doing a dryuary, doesn't mean you can't go out. If you don’t want to drink alcohol for any reason, it isn't the end all for having a good time out and trying new places. At Anthem House, we’ve rounded up the best mocktails in Baltimore: 

Hampden & Remington

If you’re thinking about heading up to Remington, then be sure to check out Dutch Courage’s selection of drinks. Some of their non-alcoholic drinks include the First Lady, featuring seedlip grove 42, giffard n.a. aperitif, grapefruit, rose water, n.a. sparkling chardonnay, and the Free Bird, featuring lyre cane spirit & aperitif rosso.

The Food Market in Hampden has a selection of both virgin cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks, like their Gucci Lemonade, made with blueberry, mint, lemongrass, and house lemonade. Head up to The Food Market for stellar service and a taste of some incredibly good comfort food, along with their flavorful virgin drinks.

Wicked Sisters in Hampden provides new and fresh dishes alongside their drinks. Enjoy dining in their social or intimate dining settings with one of their spirit free drinks, such as their blueberry mojito or their Hampden punch.

Fells Point

The Point is a family-owned and operated restaurant in Fells Point, taking pride in their great food and drinks. Some of their drinks include their Boozless Cucumber Mule with Seedlip Garder 101, n.a. ginger beer, and cucumber. Another one of their n.a drinks is their Mock-Jito made with mint, lime, and club soda.

Whether you’re looking for a casual dinner, or an extravagant experience eating out, Duck Duck Goose in Fells Point is the place to be for a chic environment and good food. Their selection of zero proof cocktails includes, but isn’t limited to, a Matcha Moi, made with matcha, egg whites, agave, tonic, and lemon, and their Ananas Limeade with seedlip spice, pineapple, and lime. 

Canton & Brewer’s Hill

Verde in Canton has a selection of mocktails available to order. Enjoy both their traditional and creative pizzas with a glass of their Citrus & Lace, made with club soda, lemon, and basil-ginger syrup, or their Savannah Unknown, with peach nectar, lemon, and house made grenadine. 

The contemporary Chinese restaurant, NiHao, in Canton, also has their own selection of alcohol free drinks. Be sure to try a selection of hot or iced teas with flavors, like Mallorca Melon, or one of their spirit-free spirits, such as their Jalisco.

For a selection of food and drink that is modernly made and globally influenced, check out Gunther & Co in Brewer’s Hill! This establishment strives for their hospitality and commitment to the community.  One of their specialty zero proof cocktails is The Official Red Ryder, a house-made cranberry spiced shrub with apple cider, FeverTree ginger beer and rosemary.

Happy Sipping

At Anthem House, we hope that you find the perfect mocktail that delights your palette.