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Getting Matched in Baltimore the Anthem House Way

Mar 6, 2024

Match day is coming up, the final stretch for medical students all around the country. This is the day that many medical students find out where they will spend their residency. 

If you are a medical student and you are matched to a Baltimore-area hospital, there are a lot of great reasons to live and work in the area, including a close distance to many big cities on the east coast, like Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and New York. Baltimore also has a lower cost of living compared to these cities with some amazing neighborhoods to live in, including Locust Point’s Anthem House.

Locust Point is a great spot for access to green spaces, with nearby sports fields, parks, and dog parks available to visit. Locust Point is home to some great restaurants and bars, with plenty of options for seafood, drinks, and hangout spots with friends.

If you’re a medical student that has matched with a Baltimore area hospital, then consider living at Anthem House. With amazing views of the Inner Harbor, you can enjoy amenities such as a private pool, access to the lobby cafe from sunrise to sunset, access to the 24/7 fitness area, and more!

Best of all, Anthem House is centrally located near many Baltimore area hospitals. Take a look at how close we are to some of the best hospitals in the country:

If you’re interested in checking out Anthem House in person, then schedule a tour with us and see the property and explore the neighborhood for yourself!