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Get the Best Soup in Baltimore for National Soup Month

Jan 12, 2022

To welcome the new year, we are celebrating National Soup Month this January! After all, soup has captivated us for thousands of years. In fact, the first soup shop opened in the 18th century, with condensed soup being invented in the following century from the Campbell Soup Company. In chilly Baltimore, there are several places to find the best soups to warm up with.

Here in Locust point, there are delicious crab soups to taste at Locust Point Steamers. From their two options, Maryland Crab and Cream of Crab, you can combine them to create their third Half and Half option, which we highly recommend!

In nearby Federal Hill, be sure to head over to Mi & Yu Noodle Bar. They are open from 12-9 and have a great selection of noodle bowls to try, which can be customized with various broths. We love the savory miso broth for a cold winter’s day.

Up in Mt. Vernon, you can always get a hot bowl of soup from Soup’s On. They have both vegetarian and vegan options, in addition to their meat and seafood soups. You can also choose to combine any bowl of soup with a choice of a salad, frittata, or sandwich if you’re hungry for more.

Atwaters has various locations throughout Baltimore, and a wide variety of soups to choose from too! There is a poll on their website to vote for your favorite soups and the winners will be featured at each of their locations every Friday. Be sure to vote to enjoy your favorite soup this National Soup Month!

If you like ramen, be sure to stop by Ramen Utuske in the Inner Harbor for their wide selection of authentic Japanese ramen. Some fan-favorites include their Spicy Miso Ramen and the Classic Shoyu. 

Soups are made fresh at Attman’s Deli in Little Italy. Choose from their classic Mamma's Chicken Noodle, Bubbie’s Matzo Ball, or Maryland Crab. Maybe even try pairing it with one of their world-famous sandwiches!

Across the pond in Canton, there are two establishments to get the most delectable soups. For starters, you can choose classic cups, crocks or bowls of Maryland Crab Soup, Seafood Chowder, or French Onion from Mama’s On the Half Shelf. In the mood for something different? Try the pho from Pho Bac. All pho bowls come with a side of basil, lime, beansprouts, and jalapeños. 

Happy Slurping

We hope you enjoy staying warm with a hot bowl of soup this National Soup Month! Making soup at home? Be sure to tag us in your kitchen food pics, @AnthemHouseApt.