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Celebrating the Fourth of July at Anthem House

Jun 30, 2020

Next weekend is the Fourth of July and Baltimore is truly a great place to spend the Fourth of July! Our city has a rich historic and cultural background and even played a significant role in the Revolutionary War.

Did you know that Anthem House is located just down the road from one of the important sites in the Battle of Baltimore, Fort McHenry? It was at this site that Francis Scott Key witnessed the U.S. victory that inspired the “Star Spangled Banner.” Our celebration of the Fourth commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence and four Marylanders were signers—Samuel Chase, William Paca, Thomas Stone and Charles Carroll. Baltimore is also home to many monuments to the Revolutionary War.

We’ve gathered a list of ideas for food and fun to help you celebrate and honor this historic day in a patriotic way!


One of the best parts of any holiday is the food! For many, the Fourth of July equals barbeque food. Bring your favorite, grillable options down to the barbeque, like hot dogs or veggie burgers. For a colorful touch, try making rainbow veggie skewers.

Post-BBQ, a red, white and blue dessert can’t be beat. Whether you make a tried-and-true classic or try something new, there are loads of delicious dessert recipes for the Fourth. Add some festive sprinkles to your favorite cupcakes or cake. If you want something on the lighter side, try a blueberry and strawberry parfait with whipped cream.

Take your meal to one of the many local Baltimore parks nearby and turn your BBQ into a picnic! All you need is food, loved ones, and a picnic blanket (or sheet or towel). This is a great way to get outdoors and soak in the sun while safely social distancing.


This year’s celebration might have to be a little different from years past, but there are still plenty of exciting things to do for an indoor, impromptu party! Have a board game night or play American history trivia. No party is complete without some great music, so crank up the speakers, or, better yet, bring out your guitar, and play some patriotic tunes. Feeling crafty? Get your DIY on and try a holiday craft. Here’s a list of 30 easy ideas, many of which only require items you probably already have in your apartment!

#LiveYourAnthem We hope you have a happy and safe holiday and #LiveYourAnthem well! Share photos from your celebration with us on our social media pages.