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Take a Stroll for National Walk in the Park Day!

Mar 23, 2020

Anthem House would like to highlight that National Walk in the Park Day is on March 30th. Walking in the park can be a therapeutic and enjoyable way to relax, while also improving your health. There is so much going on in the world today, why not ease your mind and clear your head by taking a walk in some of Baltimore’s best parks.

Luckily at Anthem House, some of these amazing options are right outside your door!

Latrobe Park: 

Distance: 2-min drive, 12-minute walk

This neighborhood treasure located in Locust Point was originally constructed around 1905 for the working class families in the area. Unlike other parks in the neighborhood, Latrobe Park was able to accommodate active recreation in a tight place.

Today, the park includes a turf athletic field, playground, illuminated tennis courts, basketball courts, and a dog park with a waterslide!

The park is conveniently located to Interstate 95, Key Highway, Inner Harbor, McHenry Row, and Fort Avenue.

Riverside Park:

Distance: 3-minute drive, 12- minute walk

Located in South Baltimore between Federal Hill and Locust Point, Riverside Park is one of Baltimore’s oldest and unique locations. Loaded with history, this space dates back to the War of 1812 when Major General Samuel Smith ordered Captain Samuel Babcock to build a circular battery here called Fort Lookout. After the war, the fort was renamed Fort Wood after the honorable Captain Eleazar Wood and remained in limited use.

By the mid 1800s, the city approved the site for public use and began acquiring more acres for what is now the present Riverside Park.

Today, Riverside Park is popular for its large swimming pool, jogging and walking trails, athletic fields, playground and pavilions.  All of which is located near interstate 95, Key Highway, Inner Harbor, Locust Point, Fort Avenue and McHenry Row. 

Federal Hill Park:

Distance: 4-minute drive, 20-minute walk

Packed with incredible history, this popular park is located in the heart of Federal Hill with an incredible view of the harbor and the downtown skyline.

First seen by the early European settlers such as John Smith in the 17th century, the hill has played an important role in American history for being a “great red bank of clay.” In May of 1788, the hill was used to celebrate Maryland’s ratification of the U.S. Constitution. In 1795, the hill was the site of a signal station for merchants identifying ships to prepare for their arrival. In the 19th century, the hill was used for artillery during the War of 1812. During the Civil War, General Benjamin Butler established a fortification and garrison on the hill.

Since 1875, the hill was established as a public park for the city of Baltimore. While boasting history, it features a playground and plenty of benches to take-in the scenery.

Fort McHenry:

Distance: 5-minute drive, 25-minute walk

Located right in our Locust Point neighborhood, this historical national landmark is what inspired Francis Scott Key’s poem during the victory at the Battle of Baltimore. Key would see from the harbor, the large American Flag flying over the garrison, signaling victory over the British. This poem would later become our National Anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Fort McHenry now stands a national landmark and large tourist attraction for people to see the birthplace of the “Star-Spangled Banner.” The fort can easily be accesed by a water taxi.

Carroll Park:

Distance: 10- minute drive

Loaded with history, Carroll Park is the third-oldest park in the city of Baltimore. The park was originally apart of the Mount Clare estate, owned by Charles Carroll, a 18th century barrister. During Civil War, the park was the location of Camp Carroll. The Carroll family leased the area surrounding Mount Clare to become a private recreation are for Baltimore’s German immigrant community.

Since 1890, the park was purchased by the city of Baltimore and now boasts athletic fields, a neighborhood playground, a natural play space, a skateboard park and a nine-hole golf course!

Patterson Park:

Distance: 15-minute drive

Before becoming the present park, the site was originally used for the War of 1812. Many American troops were stationed there, ready fro the decisive battle of North Point at “Hampstead Hill”. By 1827, William Patterson, a wealthy shipping merchant, donated six acres of land to create a “public walk”, being the first gift of land given to Baltimore for public use. The land in the 1860s became an army hospital and camp for the Union army during the Civil War.

Today, through many years of expansion, the park boasts athletic fields and one of two ice rinks available for public use in Baltimore. There are also playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, ball fields, swimming pools and a Fieldhouse.

The park also includes two important architectural features, the Boathouse constructed in 1860, and the pagoda, constructed in 1891.

The park reflects many architectural styles including: Italian Villa, Gothic Revival, Exotic Revival and Romanesque Revival. 

Druid Hill Park:

Distance: 21- minute drive

A 745- acre park, located in the heart of the city, was made possible in 1860 when Baltimore purchased the land from the wealthy Lloyd Rogers. The architecture of the park was designed by George A. Frederick, who later designed the Baltimore City Hall. Fredericks structures include: Moorish Tower, Chinese Pavilion and the Baltimore Conservatory

The park is home to numerous attractions. These include: The Maryland Zoo, The Baltimore Tennis Club, two 18-hole disc golf courses, swimming pools, the Druid Hill Reservoir, Jones Falls Trail, and the Pool Number 2 Memorial.

Wyman Park:

Distance: 17-minute drive

Located south of Johns Hopkins University and the Baltimore Museum of Art, this park is a 16-acre landmark for the city. The Wyman park Dell is famous for its steep enclosing slopes and its large sweeping, lower lawn.

The park includes a playground, park benches, and nature trails to soak up the natural beauty and escape the city life.

Don’t Forget…

The Anthem House is a pet-friendly community that wants you have your furry friend accompany you on your adventures around Baltimore!

We want you to “Live your Anthem” and post pictures of your walk using hashtags #NationalWalkInTheParkDay and #LiveYourAnthem. Also, feel free to tag us, @AnthemHouse!