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Unleash Your Fitness Beast with FX Well!

May 2, 2018

The young Anthem House resident was new to fitness – and nervous. He was unfamiliar with gym equipment and unsure what kind of workout regimen would benefit him the most. However, with the encouragement of the FX Well fitness experts at Anthem House’s gym, the resident soon blossomed as an exercise lover. “It was such a dramatic turnaround,” says Ariel DePaul, an FX Well personal trainer based at Anthem House. “At first, he was shy and uncertain. Now, he exudes confidence during group classes and is really inspiring to be around.” DePaul and the FX Well fitness team at Anthem House want every resident to experience that same sense of workout satisfaction. To accomplish this, Anthem House and FX Well have partnered up to offer residents a variety of health- and fitness-focused services – what we like to call an “amenity of wellness.” It’s a perfect fitness package. Residents don’t have to sign up for a separate gym membership, they enjoy access to a phenomenal fitness facility onsite at Anthem House, and they can participate in group classes led by elite personal trainers – all without leaving the property! Convenience is key – you can just show up in person or sign up beforehand using the FX Well online platform to reserve your spot. FX Well’s Anthem House fitness services consist of three main parts: Free onsite group fitness classes – FX Well offers both yoga and total-body boot camp classes onsite, and there are four classes each week. Each quarter, FX Well reviews the classes with Anthem House and makes adjustments to the class schedule as needed, to best fit the residents’ needs and requests. Challenges – Residents compete in wellness-focused challenges, where they have an opportunity to win prizes while improving their overall health. For example, we recently completed the Inferno Challenge, which asked all residents to try and burn their body weight in calories during their workouts. All workouts were digitally tracked in the FX Well online platform, and participating residents earned points based upon how many calories they burned compared to their body weight. Events – Residents get to interact with FX Well teammates through fun and engaging events that kick off challenges and group classes. Want to learn more? Stop by the Anthem House fitness center to see the upcoming class schedule or visit to learn more about the FX Well team. We can’t wait to see what you do next!