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Celebrating Women in Baltimore this March and Beyond

Mar 11, 2023

Women’s History Month was originally a week-long, local celebration in Santa Rosa, California. In later years, a group now known as the National Women's History Alliance fought for the week to get national recognition, which was achieved. Since then, March has become Women’s History Month, and during this month and beyond, we hope you’ll explore women-run businesses in Baltimore, such as:

Sobo Cafe is a local favorite in Federal Hill, run by Anna Leventis, who is native to Baltimore. She makes sure that her menu has something for everyone that comes in, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free menus. Take comfort in the friendly atmosphere and comfort foods, like their chicken pot pie or brie BLT.

For a delectable and high-quality dessert, check out Berries by Quicha in Federal Hill. With the freshest berries and ingredients available, each berry is dipped and designed with care and love. Quicha has had the pleasure of serving people such as Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, John Hopkins Hospital/University, and more.

If you’re in need of a fun gift for a friend, or just need something funny to spruce up your life, then check out Pandora’s Box in Federal Hill! The founder made the store based off of her own interest in fashion and accessories, and she makes sure that each product has a sense of whimsy, charm, humor, and realness. 

Poppy & Stella in Fells Point is focused on making sure that everyone who enters feels comfortable and loved in their own skin. Owner Kelley Krohn Heuisler fights the narrative that you are never skinny enough, young enough, cool enough, or anything else to fit in. Shop in stores or online for the perfect fit for you!

For a charming British hospitality experience, check out Emma’s Tea Spot in Hamilton. Emma wants to connect people to their environment around them, as well as showing how clean and good environments can strengthen the bonds with our neighbors and community. Take in the atmosphere as you enjoy one of their sandwiches or quiches!

Resistance Cycle in Harbor Point is a Spin Studio started up by three-time Olympic medalist Kelly Berger. Her belief is that sometimes you have to shut out the world and follow what you know you can do, the perfect mindset for helping riders find their perfect training methods. There are four to five classes available every day, and first-time riders can check out the available trial package. Just show up and be your best!

If you’re up in Mt. Vernon, then check out Cholitas Tacos! Owner Deanne Rapanakis grew up in the heart of Mexican culture, the driving force behind her passion for Cholitas Tacos. Everything made is prepared from scratch, from their tortillas to their pico de gallo, to their quesadillas. Selections of Mexican soda are also available to try.

For some modern Maryland cooking and elements of world cuisine, check out Pierpoint Restaurant in Fells Point. Nancy Longo, the owner, started her cooking journey with her Italian grandmother at the age of 7, who taught the rest of her family. She eventually attended and graduated from Baltimore’s International Culinary College, and since then her career in cooking has brought her to places such as the set of the movie Liberty Heights and cooking for Billy Joel’s band. Her history reflects in her food as the crabcakes have been named some of the best in Maryland for the past 20 years.

For an ice cream experience that helps out local farmers, check out The Charmery in Hampden. Using the best ingredients, the seasonal flavors presented are made with the technical mastery of their products, making sure that everyone that enters leaves satisfied. Co-owner Laura thinks of the company as a dream come true, and it is a homage to her love for the city of Baltimore. 

Celebrate Women

Be sure to celebrate Women’s History Month this March by visiting these women-run businesses in Baltimore.