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Black History Month the Baltimore Way

Feb 14, 2023

Black History Month occurs every February and honors the four hundred years of Black history in America. It is also a celebration of the achievements of Black Americans, such as the end of racial segregation. Honor Black history by exploring local black businesses in Baltimore this February and beyond.

For delicious, quality food, check out Home Maid in Federal Hill. This boutique restaurant is the perfect brunch spot and was created by Derrick Faulcon, who wanted to work with traditional cooking practices and make delicious food from scratch.  

The Black-owned restaurant Magdalena has also gotten its first Black head chef, chef Scott Bacon. Bacon is bringing his own influence to the establishment, such as a dish that honors one made by his grandmother, in a nod to his African heritage.

Papi Cuisine in South Baltimore is an Afro-Latin fusion restaurant founded by award-winning chef Alex Perez. What was originally a food delivery service, soon evolved into what is now a private dining and catering business. The food at Papi Cuisine is made in a mix of Columbian and African American cooking styles, inspired by Perez’s father and grandmother. Because of this, each dish prepared is bursting with flavor!

Neopol is a family business that’s run by Dorian Brown and his mom, Barbara Lahnstein, who through a combination of experience in the industry and a younger perspective, allowed the business to flourish with employees and customers. They pride themselves on their smoked delicacies, such as their dry cured salmon. 

Sporty Dog Creations aims to make food fun again by searching for enjoyment in quality food and service. This restaurant was formed by mother and daughter team LaShauna and Daejonne, where they allow customers to customize their own hot dogs when ordering. Each hot dog is made in-house with their high-quality standards. 

If you’re craving something sweer, check out Midnight Confections Cupcakery in Federal Hill. Founded by mother and son duo Sandra and Aaron, the idea for the establishment was made after a night of working to satiate a sweet tooth craving was followed by continuous baking for family, friends, birthdays, and parties.

The perfect place for any and all chocolate fruit fans is Berries by Quicha, located in the heart of Federal Hill. Each delectable treat is thought up by Quicha herself, and she has served people such as Barack Obama, Beyonce, and more. She can even put designs onto her berry orders!

For any ice cream lovers out there, check out any flavor made by the Taharka Brothers. With the goal to make a profitable business in one of the most troubled neighborhoods in Baltimore, they craft their ice cream flavors around local events and make collaborations with local businesses. 

The way that Serenity Wine Cafe presents their wine selections is very unique. Founded by Nneka Bilal, she came up with the idea of a self-serve wine wall, the first of its kind in Baltimore. Enjoy any wine you wish whilst basking in the cafe-like atmosphere and enjoying one of their delectable pizzas.

Koba Cafe is a coffee shop that has been open for almost twenty years here in Baltimore. The idea started when its founder, Adama, realized that he loved working with the people at his part-time barista job. So, he started his own café! This comfortable environment is a great place for remote work and welcomes all who enter.

Honoring Black History

We hope you’re able to support local, Black-owned businesses this Black History Month and beyond.