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#LiveYourAnthem with Anthem Fit by Reflex Fitness

Feb 4, 2020

Last spring, we announced that Reflex Fitness would be coming to Anthem House to Create Anthem Fit by Reflex. Since then, our community has grown tremendously through fitness. Let’s take a moment to get to know our trainers, Reese and Amanda a bit better in our exclusive interview, and see how we can grow our Anthem #FitFam even more!

1) What's your favorite part about Anthem Fit by Reflex Fitness?

Our favorite part about bringing our style of training to Anthem House is watching the community grow through fitness. We went in with classes of 3 or 4 residents participating in group fitness and our goal was to have classes of 15 to 20 residents.

We said we wanted to build a team around sharing a fun and unique fitness experience. The workouts are tough, so we make sure our trainers are there to motivate and that the residents motivate each other. We all share the same experience while working out and it's through that experience that connections are built with our neighbors. We have reached our goal by averaging 15 residents per class and we are still looking to grow... but we need your help

2) What's the class schedule? Any plans for adding additional classes in 2020?

Right now, we are offering the following:
Monday: HIIT
Tuesday: Yoga
Wednesday: Strength & Conditioning
Saturday: High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

We would like to add one more day—trying to see if a morning class would vibe well with residents. We are always open to suggestions! 

3) What's your and/or Amanda's favorite class to teach and why?

My favorite class to teach is probably boxing because of my wrestling, martial arts and MMA Background.

Amanda's is anything endurance based because of her basketball, triathlon and marathon training. We are athletes trying to bring our passion and experience to Anthem because we love to practice what we preach.

4) How does Anthem Fit by Reflex Fitness differ from your Reflex Fitness location?

Anthem Fit only differs from Reflex in location. We bring the same and philosophies that we've always had to the Anthem House Community. We believe in building community through Fitness no matter where we go!

5) What do you think will be the biggest workout trend of 2020? 

TBD. Could be online training...could be HIIT...could be restorative Fitness. Regardless the trend...we are here to provide the best experience possible. 

6) Do you have a message for people new to exercise, like resolutioners, who may be too intimidated to try a class?

To anyone new to exercise...DO NOT be intimidated. Everyone's had a starting point and our goal is to support and build each other up. No matter when, where or how you start. There is no judgment, only support! 

7) Do you offer personal training services at Anthem?

We do offer personal training and small group training to Anthem House residents. Please feel free to message us, but more details on training options are also coming soon! 

8) Do you and/or Amanda have any personal fitness goals you're trying to achieve in 2020?

Amanda is competing in the lululemon SeaWheeze half marathon this summer—her first since having our second child. She is looking to get back into national competition once again.

My MMA days may be done, but I'm looking to stay involved in self defense and martial arts training for upcoming athletes and anyone looking to learn more about martial arts. 

9) How do you define being fit?

We define being fit by doing the most with what you have been given. If you started out crawling, we want to get you walking. If you started out being able to do 10 pushups but now you can do 15...that's fit! Do the best you can the best YOU that you can be. Always improve...always move forward. As long as you try...that's what defines us!

10) Anything else you want to tell us?

Stay tuned...Stay Humble...Stay Hungry! 

Well, there you have it, Anthem House residents—our exclusive interview with Reese and Amanda Ashe! Be sure to follow @AnthemFit_ByReflexFitness on Instagram for updates.If you haven’t checked out AnthemFit by Reflex, what are you waiting for? Be sure to check it out in 2020 and #LiveYourAnthem.